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This amusement park is located in Sunland Park, New Mexico; and sits on about 30 acres of land. Although small in size, this theme park is big in fun! Originally the park was located in the great city of El Paso, Texas from 1960 all the way up to 2006. After unfortunate events between the owner of the park Pat Thomson and the city, Thomson decided it would mean a great deal to move the park across the Rio Grande to Sunland Park. As soon as re-opened Thomson gave away many discount tickets to some of the new locals, to show his appreciation.

The owner of Sunland Park Casino donated land to Thomson, right across the road from the Casino as to bring in more people for both establishments. To this day both owners have a great report with each other, the staff also get benefits from this merger with 2 for 1 family passes. The park is home to many inexpensive rides such as Tusnami, El Bandido Roller Coaster, Paratrooper, Round up, Tilt-a Whirl, Pharaoh's Fury, Scrambler, Himalaya and more.

This park is pretty small, but there are quite a few rides you can go on, most likely you'll go on each twice in a single day if you go for 3-4 hours. But it’s still fun anyway. With my discount pass I got from your website I only paid $7 for all day of fun. I might just go again today! Best deal I’ve ever seen.
-Ivan LiKen-